Canon 80D

I’ve been shooting primarily with a 5D III for years and this camera (while 3 years newer) is still not quite as good as the 5D III however, since I’m usually switching between video and photo, this one is so versatile it’s becoming my go to.  The articulating viewfinder is super useful for high and low angle shots.  Additionally, canon just released the PZ-E1 that serves as a quick mount zoom adapter to one of their lenses the 18-135 F3.5. The zoom adapter is nice since its generally smooth and is small enough that it’s not a burden to portability.  I wish that this was able to work with other lenses… especially good if it worked with an L series lens.  There is an obvious difference in shots with this in use compared to every other shot due to the lower grade glass (than the L series) but there are times when portability and convenience win.

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