Profoto Compact 600

My first and only light kit so I don’t have much to compare it to but its super consistent and reliable, and I have had it for almost 5 years..  I think I might like to have something more compact.


The Profoto ComPact-R 600 Value Pack offers the simplest and most economical way to get the best quality of light with the Profoto modular system of light shaping tools. This 2 monolight kit provides up to 1200 watt/seconds of stored power.

Compact units share the same quality of light as all other Profoto flashheads. Profoto ComPact units provide very high light output, fast recycling, and short flash duration for their size. Each monolight in this kit includes a built-in Pocket Wizard brand 32 channel radio slave receiver. Efficient fan cooled design assures continuous heavy-duty use.

On location or in the studio, they are perfect for fast set-up and break-down. With their lightweight, small dimensions, and multi-voltage capability, one or several can be easily packed for travel in a case of your choice.

A removable Voltage Key Card allows instant adjustment of the line voltage anywhere in the world; just switch power cables and modeling lamps.

Included, are zoom reflectors, and a sync cord. For this kit, with an air-shippable case, click here.

Fires Without Wires
Each monolight has a built-in Pocket Wizard Radio Slave. It will fire the flash, when triggered by your Pocket Wizard Transmitter or transceiver.
Fan Cooled
Assures continuous heavy-duty performance
Fast Flash Duration
Enables the sharp capture of fast-moving subjects
A removable Voltage Key Card allows instant adjustment of the line voltage anywhere in the world; simply switch power cables and modeling lamps.
Built In Slave
A highly sensitive optical slave enables synchronization with other flashes.
Ready Indication
Illuminated ready light with an audible beep
User Replaceable Flashtube
No tools are required to replace this “plug & play” flashtube.
Interchangeable Glass Covers
Available to warm/cool and soften/sharpen the light for added control
Removeable Reflector
Accepts all Optional Profoto light shapers
Umbrella Socket
Centralized umbrella socket for optimized and even light distribution
Proportional Modeling Light
Enables the photographer to get good visual representation of the flash output
Compact Design
Easy to handle and transport
Zoom Reflector
Slides along the chassis of the flash head, provides a variable angled beam of light
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