It seems like I love art more every day. There was a time when I thought that meant that I was an artist. I still think of myself as an artist, but now I find satisfaction in communicating ideas and visions through art. I am most gratified when I can communicate a message through music, video, or photography.

See more about me below.

My whole life I’ve always been more of an artist than an athlete. As a kid growing up in Oklahoma, I took music lessons but I never felt like it would lead to anything.  Instead, I ended up studying psychology at Oklahoma Baptist University.  While there, I connected with some great musicians who invested in me and inspired me to keep music in my life.  After graduation, I spent some time working for the North American Mission Board at The Ohio State University. I worked as a musician leading worship for dozens of collegiate and youth activities throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Kentucky.  That was a formative time in my life when I began to learn more about what inspired my faith and my art.

Eventually those music gigs landed me the opportunity to work with churches.  During those opportunities, I began to learn even more about how influential all forms of art can be to me, the church, and to the world.

I began working with LifePoint Church in 2004 in the music department, but I transitioned into becoming the Worship and Arts Pastor. This transition has allowed me the opportunity to pursue art in multiple mediums: photography, graphic design, marketing packages, and video. Now I find myself with a camera most of the time, trying to capture everything from my beautiful children to a random wall texture and everything in between.

While I love art and all of its mediums, I have learned that what I really love is the power of art to enlighten-to communicate.  At church, I get to see my inspired work inspire people in their faith.  When I get together with ministers interested in learning about how I work, I have the opportunity to teach how creative processes can help in their church.  When I speak at conferences and workshops, I discuss how art can help other organizations communicate their goals.

As I grow in this ministry, I value excellence and strive to be defined by that quality.  Scripture talks about how young David played “skillfully” and “with heart.”  Most days, doing my job “with heart” is not difficult for me.  I’m full of passion and vision.  The “skillfully” part is something that I have to keep striving for.  I consider it my responsibility to deliver, in whatever medium, my very best work and to not let the people I am communicating for suffer from my lack of skill.  You could say this is the worst and best thing about me.

Can’t wait to get to work on my next project!