So I promise I’m not going to make a new one of these every week.  This one was the original goal when I made the Cuba one and they just come out of me separately.  I’ve shown this to a few people and its already slightly controversial because I’ve combined Jesus, Castro and Obama but that was the whole concept.  My church is doing a series called “The Beautiful Series” and the concept is that the artwork shows the contrast between us as sinners on earth and Jesus who was perfect.

At the end of the day, we’re all less than Jesus.  I’m not saying we’re all the same as Obama or Castro, I’m just saying that we are all the same in that we’re not perfect.  The artwork mashup is basically showing us as all being a part of Jesus and hopefully that Jesus becomes a part of us all.

There are about a million more layers of explanation to this but I’m thinking you don’t really care.  Let me know what you think.