The Cannell Family

This was a video done during the Reel To Real Series LifePoint Church and is a part of the Addicted To Life Change video series (you can see the whole series here if you click the sort button at the top). The series was based on Esther and how God and use tragic circumstances to produce good things in life.  Love the Cannell family and their willingness to share.  There was so much good content for this video, it was hard to cut it down to fit into the message time.

Technical Notes:

Shot with a Panasonic HPX 170 and a Canon 60d was used for B roll.  Typically when shooting a video I have a pretty specific goal or even a specific shot list to help me get exactly what I want.  With this testimony/story style video it is much more difficult to determine.  The Cannell family did awesome in telling their story, so awesome in fact that the did the whole story in just one take.  The fact that it was over 20 minutes and all in one take, made for a difficult edit.