You can visit the actual Directions Counseling site by clicking here.

Some notable features of this site:

  • Sortable content on Counselor page
  • Rotating Home Page Content
  • Social Media Links
  • SEO Optimized
  • Interactive Maps
  • Mega Menu

Directions is one of the most fun clients I’ve worked with. I love getting to be involved with a company at the beginning of a marketing push where both of us get to see the benefits of marketing excellence.  Directions is off to a great start by beginning with this website that offers their clients the info they are looking for in as few clicks as possible as well as allowing them to sort through the content they need.  Additionally, they are moving toward starting a library of video assets to help potential clients not only learn more about the counselors and making them feel more comfortable with their counselor selection but these videos will also function as an educational resource.  Between their site, brochures, videos, etc… Directions is making great marketing strides but the value of this is that they are going to have a bigger platform that will in turn allow them to help more people.  So thankful to get to be a part of this great company.