Mother’s Day Video (2016)

This video was put together for Mother’s Day for Lifepoint Church.  One of the bigger orchestrations I’ve been involved in. We coordinated with the mothers that were involved to come in to “answer some questions about motherhood” and asked them to bring one of their children for “b roll footage”. Secretly, we coordinated with the fathers to prep the child involved with answers to a few specific questions.  It was so much fun to see the children share their answers and then to see the mothers be so blessed by their children.

Learned a great deal during this shoot.  As always, I was thinking “next time I would get this right…” but I don’t think I’ll ever have the “perfect” project.

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Mother’s Day B-Roll Video

I also put together this short video of outtakes from the Mother’s day shoot.  We played this as the crowd exited the auditorium on Sunday.  Great way to get a few laughs as the crowd was on the way out the door.  Definitely ended the day on a high note.

Technical Notes:

Shot with two Canon 60D cameras(24mm and 35mm)on a green screen.  Edited in Final Cut Pro X with a few audio tweaks in logic. Audio was captured with two Sennheiser EW112 lapel microphones and the set was lit with IKAN 2 color lights.