This new set has me all inspired

This is the latest video set that they are going to use for their “Going Public” video series.  Each person in the church who gets baptized records one of these videos as sort of a documentary of their faith journey.  I’ve worked with a couple dozen sets in my video experience but this one I’m particularly excited about.  The wood planks are real wood that I found at Artis Wood, its a clever hanging system but makes for a rich color and texture that looks great either in focus or with a ton of blur.  Usually when I’m setting up a new set its the tyranny of the urgent that forces me to throw something together but this time, I took the time to dial in the camera settings and measure light, etc… and I could not be more pleased with the results.  The edit on the right took me about 15-20 minutes and has zero color grading or color correction to it… just all native out of the Canon C100 Mk II.  I’ve now shot a half dozen videos on this set and this has me stirring to get more into video.