Pallet Stage Design

    It seems like everyone is using pallet wood these days to make cool stage design or interior design happen on a budget.  At LifePoint Church, we’re no different.  This was a super easy and economical.

    We simply collected some pallet wood from near by businesses and then but hinges to span across two pallets.  This allowed us to stack them on top of each other while also giving some interesting depth and dimension to the stage.

    The coolest part of the stage design was the center wood piece that was printed on wood.  Thanks to we printed this in 4.5×8 for $105.  So with the wood print and the hinges I’m in to this set design for about $125.  Now we are using the printed piece as a permanent feature in our lobby.

    The design on the wood piece was a feature piece because of the time lapse photoshop video that we used to show the faces of the people we minister to in the countries that we work in for our missions series.  You can see the video below but one of the more fun things about the series package was that we recorded a song to accompany the stage design, artwork and series vision.  You can download the song for free, read the story about how its written and download the the chord chart here.