This was an intro video the Soul Train series at LifePoint Church. The series was a walk through some of the Psalms. Its lots of fun to have a disco ball and to have disco music at church.

You can see the stage design for the series here.

Also a fun “behind the scenes” video here.

This shoot was a little more involved. This was a three camera shoot with one camera mounted on a lift (Panasonic HPX 170) and two manually operated cameras (Canon 60d and 5d III).  We went into the shoot with a pretty specific story board to try to include as many staff members of the church as possible and to get key people with key lyrics.  After a few weeks of trying to coax the staff into getting great retro outfits, I used two assistants and spend a couple hours setting up the stage scene with light walls, dmx controlled led lights, and dance floor.  The total shoot time was about two hours.