One of my most favorite projects to date.  I could literally feel myself growing as an artist while I worked on this piece. So good to collaborate with my Cuban brothers and sisters.

I recommend you click on the four arrows in the bottom right corner to view it in full screen.

Just arrived back from my first trip to Cuba.  9 days with a team from my church including my wife.  What a great experience. Got to meet some wonderful people who see faith clearly and encourage me in just about every way of life.

This is a video I made during my first few days of the trip.  Its my first attempt at a creation of this type.  My goal was to incorporate their group and our group and to capture the photoshop process to show our faces, our artwork, our work, our churches, and our faith coming together.  Can’t wait to do this again, feel like I learned a ton in my first attempt.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

This video stirred up quite a few questions, you can see more details here.

Music by Sleeping At Last