Soul Train Stage Design

During the Soul Train series we highlighted a specific Psalm each week.  The stage design was easy for the series.  We rigged up a disco call to the ceiling.  Because we did not want to afford the dmx controls for raising and lowering the ball, we just ran a rope back to our video/audio booth and raised and lowered it with a counter weight.  Just costing us the price of a disco ball and some rope and some pvc to thread the rope through (so it would not snag on the ceiling supports).  A hazer makes the disco ball really work in our black auditorium.

We also cut small pieces of opaque plastic and hot glued string to the top and bottom of each piece and rant them in about 10 foot sections to span the distance from the bottom of our screens to the floor.  We then uplit the plastic with led lights and set a small fan on stage in oscillate mode to make the pieces move and shimmer in the light.

Created a very retro kind of vibe.  We also used this video of several of our church staff.  Got quite a buzz on our website and on social media.

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